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Welcome to TVB Theme Songs! I'm Canuck21 and I'm the webmaster of this site. Ever since I started to watch TVB series when I was 8 years old, I loved the songs from the series even if I didn't understand the lyrics since I don't speak Cantonese. It didn't matter because I liked the music and everytime I listened to them I would have images of the series. Unfortunately, because I didn't read Chinese either, it was impossible for me to know who was the singers and that made it very hard to look for the soundtracks. I didn't bother asking the store clerks because as a kid I was extremely timid. For more than 15 long years I had to make do by listening to the songs through the series themselves. Of course between the years, at some stages of my life, I completely forgot about TVB et al. I had other interests as a teenager.

Napster Then came the famous Napster. At first, I downloaded my favorite English and French songs and then one day I suddently thought about all the TVB theme songs I wanted so much as a kid. So I searched for the songs by typing in "TVB". Imagine my excitment when a long list came out. After so many years I was finally going to be able to listen to them in almost CD quality. The trick to finding songs on the Internet, not just in Napster, is to at least know the title of the series and it helps even more to know the artist's name. So the sole purpose of this web site is to give fans informations on TVB theme songs and to let them share what they know. If you know something that I'm missing, please contact me. The site concentrates mainly on theme songs of the 80's Golden TVB series of my childhood but a few are more recent. Hope that this site will be helpful.


Special thanks to Alex, Wittor, Kristy and Ron who have provided many songs. This site would have not existed without their contributions.


Should anyone feel his/her copyright is violated, please inform the webmaster. All songs, videos and images are the property of their respective owners.